Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What a start to a sunny week!!

Well....Ive had a crazy week and its only Tuesday!!

Monday....I played cat & mouse all day!
To the alterations shop and the lady was out....
To the dance store and they were out of the tights I needed....
To the city, to the country, to the studio, to the casa!!

WHAT?!? I was exhausted!!
It was Monday peeps....so go figure....
when I got home.....

I was O_U_T...OUT!!

I TRIED to watch The Bachelor.....
Yes, that was really my response!!

I guess Mr.Jaxon decided to stop my recording and record his own deal!!
I was so super bummed!
But too exhausted to worry with it.
Thank the good Lord for internet, I knew I could watch it today!!

Then there was Tuesday....

I awoke to a horrific scream from my little Bugg. He normally wakes up with a cheerfull, "Momma"!
I knew something wasnt right.
So Hurry......Get Dressed.....Grab a Cereal Bar, Brush your teeth, Hurry, Faster, Lets go...
was the conversation for this smithpartyofive this morning!
I was taking my sweetie to the dr as soon as I dropped the Big Sis & Big Bro off!

Thanks to the new Highway 90 .... Oh and STARBUCKS!

I was there in a Jiffy!!

In & Out....
Buggs ear drum busted :(

With Ear Drops & Antibiotics we headed to get

He more than deserved it....Poor wittle baby boy :(

Aside from my weird encounter with a homeless man on my way home....it really was a peaceful drive.
If you & I chit chat regularly....youve heard the story & Ive text you the picture....
If not, the homeless story is a little too graphic to share!!
Like WHOA ?!?!?

Here is the highlight of my day....

I FINALLY got to watch The Bachelor...


And they did it again.....

They are super good at this trickin us hoop la. I wouldve swore he was a little uneasy with Emily when he left her house and that her daughter wasnt havin it!
Thats a NEGATIVE!!
What, What!!

He sent Chantel home!
I liked her...she was ahhhh-ight!! Her job was a little creepy!!
She is NO Emily!!

I sooooo cannot wait for this coming Monday!!

So here is to an end to a stressful start to my week!!
Nooooo cooking....

The kids ate it with friends this weekend and loved it.....
So I knew they would eat it....
I mean I guess it is cooking....kinda....sorta.....

Now off to give meds out and get these little rascals to bed!


  1. Thanks for NOT calling me out on the...kinda...sorta cooking! HA ;)

  2. I was so relieved things went well with Emily too, she's def my pick!!

    Love your blog girl, keep up the great work!! :)