Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thank heavens for COFFEE.....

Here I sit with my little Jett Bugg & a steaming cup of coffee!
I need it this morning~thats for sure!

I stayed up super late last night....
You guessed it!

THE BACHELOR courtesy of my DVR

I am sorry guys...Im getting a little aggrevated with Brad! He really had to contemplate that decision last night. That last rose was a tough one. He was an emotional wreck!
~BUT~ with good reason!
The angel on his right shoulder was saying get rid of the PHSYCO aka Michelle!
The devil on the left was saying oh she's fun & sexy and I'll give it one more go!
Something like this I suppose!!

And what do you know....He keeps her :(
Blah, blah, blah....how typical of him!
 Look at her.....COME ON BRAD!!

There are so many wholesome women there who are looking for their soul mates!
Women with morals and class!
Ok, Ok I know I take it serious but HELLO!
 Look at Chantel & Emily!

The best of both worlds.....blonde and brunette!!
Get Em Brad!!

On another note.....

As you know, Ive been giving little Valentines Tidbits here lately!
I have stumbled accross this totally awesome, amazing, super fun, exciting to read book on another blog!
Because of all of the A+ reviews I ran out and bought one!
It is a MUST HAVE for you and your significant other!
Trust Me....youve gotta have it!

This is the perfect gift for you and your sweetie to share and read together!!
<3 Love is in the air <3

Ok Sew.....
(ha...I just realized how often I say Ok so...)
But notice.....today I said SEW!!

If you are one of my gal pals you probably already know...
I bought a sewing machine about a year ago and it has sat, sat, sat collecting dust.
Everytime I have pulled it out....Ive attempted to sew a simple straight seam....
WHOA.....and it goes something like this ~ askldhfk.jasfklajdsfh;lakfh!!!
Did you get that?? LOL
I kept beating myself up about it and questioning my crafting ability.
I know I am blonde but for Gods Sake people its BLEACH and it cannot be this dang hard!
Sew (clever huh?).....this week I was DONE. I was trying to sew a pillow for my bed and what do you know....same thing....dlkfhadsk;lfhask;lfhfrhkadsjfh!!!
I decided to take the BRAND NEW, NEVER EVEN USED, sewing machine up to the local sewing store for some advice!! I was prepared to hang my tail and walk in as a goof ball who was putting the material in wrong or threading it wrong or just being plain DUMB!
But what do you know!
The lady at the sewing shop...who seems to have quite a bit of experience...we are talking 50+ years here!
"ATTEMPTS" to sew a simple straight seam and to my surprise....
What?!? I am NOT a crazy, blonde bimbo trying to take up sewing!! SHUT UP ?!?
This machine is WHACK!!
She was shocked.....she proceeds to take the machine apart and reveals to me that my
BRAND NEW, NEVER EVEN USED sewing machine is missing a very important part!!!
I KNEW IT! Luckily she had the part I needed right there and was able to install it and ....
I, Maygan Smith, for the very first time was able to sew a SIMPLE STRAIGHT SEAM!!!

Hold your applause people.....
Its not as easy as it sounds. I am able to plug it in, thread it & I know where the material goes and better yet I am able to avoid the sadkfhads;fkjnadsiupfnh!!!
But the straight line part is a different story!! I guess it will take practice and Im not giving up!!
I did make a pillow out of some scraps and I must say my tummy aches from laughing so hard!
It is a work in progress!!

I guess its a mini pillow for a doll or something!! I dont know people, but I tried so no laughing!!
Im workin on it! I think I may need to use more material and better stuffing.....but that was my thrifty way of doing a trial and error!! I used stuff I had laying around!!
This is for you Michelle! I know you will get a kick out of it!!
I'll figure it out sooner or later.....hopefully sooner!!

Have a great Tuesday and take some time to enjoy the view!!
Just teasin....had to say it though!!



  1. Why didnt you get Lexee to help you? LOL. Good try though.

  2. You did great!! It is trial and error, for sure. You can also look in the sale bin to find fabric to practice with. :) Before you know it, you'll be a pro at this sewing business. :)

  3. love your posts girlie! they crack me up! Come follow me < I need some frenz...lol>