Friday, February 4, 2011

Follow Me Friday :)

Its Follow Me Friday!

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Check out the Groop Dealz deal of the day....

How cute is this! Hot Chocolate on a stick! This is an adorable V-day gift for kids at school!!
YUM.....just stir the stick into a cup of steamed milk and VOILA....Hot Cocoa!!
I think we all could make our own.....
Popsicle sticks, baking chocolate & cute little labels.....
You've got an awesome treat :)


Check out this Funky V-day Craft!
Your kids could be home on this Freezing Friday....
Mod Podging their Own Vday Hand-outs!

All you need is an old slap bracelet and construction paper!
Everyone has elmers glue, dont they?
Water it down and let your kids deco podge their slap bracelets with construction paper.
Have them personalize them with cute little sayings, stickers, etc!
Will you be my Valentine?
You're a Valentines RockStar!!
The possibilities are endless!!


I'd say this is a must have Funky Vday Accessory!

For boys and girls!!
And Patent Leather.....when did that happen??
I Love It and Gotta have it for my little people!
So cute with all of their V-Day ensembles!
This will add the perfect FLAVA!!


Now for some things for Momma!
Check out this adorable Vday Shirt over at LaDolceVida

Pair it with some Jazzy Jeans by MissMe

Have The Hubs take you to dinner somewhere FUN like ~


Or perhaps on a much needed Road Trip to Gruene, Tx
(Hint, Hint....if youre reading!!)

Now you are all set for a super fun Vday Celebration, Right??
If only it were that easy! Make it happen!! Start planning for a sitter now....get all of your ducks in a row and take that day for you and your sweetie!! Yall need it!! We all do!!

As for now....stay warm, stay safe, stay indoors!!

We'll talk soon!

M :)

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