Thursday, March 3, 2011

I gotta catch up!!


Seems like its been a while!!

We are in the heart of busy season!! Well.....thats what I like to call it!!
Baseball season starting and Competition season in full swing!!

Last weekend we competed @ MOVE Productions and had a ball!!

Lexee & Aidan did an outstanding job and made all of us so proud!
Here are a few pictures to show them off!!

Hey....I earned those bragging rights!!

Lexee just turned the BIG #10 and boy thats a hard marker to handle as a momma!!
No......Crazy Peeps.....I do not feel old.....I feel Proud & Sad:(
Proud of who she is and sad that she is so old!!
6 years and she will be driving....8 years and she will be off to college.
As fast as these 10 passed I better get to lovin on will be here before I know it!!
Here is her Bday morning!

LOOOOOOVE her.....boy is she ever her daddy's twin!! onto today!

Today is a beautiful day and has been off the chain so far!
Started off with some Jesus time!!
Bible Study!
Let me tell ya.....
I love being surrounded by women of faith!
Their views and words teach me so much!
Thanks Ladies!
Life isnt fair.....But God is always fair.....God isnt life!
Hello.....why didnt I think of it that way!!
So many times I tell myself things in life are unfair and question them but I need to always remember God is always fair even if life isnt!!  <3
Amen.....Im gonna say that over and over until I got it down perfectly!!

Think about it!!

I'll talk to ya soon!!

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