Wednesday, February 9, 2011

HELP.....its the never-ending Texas Winter!!!

Another cold, wet day:(
Day 963 thousand! Thats what it feels like anyway!!
I dont even feel like getting dressed....fixing my hair....or getting out of the house for that matter!!
Cold straight up stinks!!
My winter wardrobe has become drab and dingy!
My skin is all flaky & stuff!!
My nostrels are raw from a constant runny nose!
Oh yeah....I love cold....who wouldnt!!


Im making Chicken and Dumplings
The Perfect Winter Food

Kinda making my recipe up as I go along!!
Uh Oh...Kinda Scary I know!!

I boiled chicken breats...LAZY! Its better to use a whole fryer but who has time for that business!!
I added celery and onion, salt and pepper & a little butter!
I took the chicken out when it was fully cooked and set it aside to cool.
Now I added a can of Cream of Chicken Soup and a box of Chicken Broth!
I used a whole can of biscuits, cutting them into 4s and adding them to the mix!!
When biscuits were floating and cooked ...
I added the cooked, shredded ( you shredded it didnt you?)chicken!
Let it boil a little while longer then turn it down to simmer!
Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am....Youve got Chicken & Dumplings!
I like it.....super easy and its kinda, sorta 2011 homeade!!
Try it and let me know what you think!!
By the like my recipe wrinting skills!! Ha!!

Moving On......

Today I am starting the nail biting....nervous tummy days!
We have a very important package to arrive today!
Lexee's 2011 custom costume from North Carolina!
Every year, we (Amy, Lexee & I), design it and make it perfect!
Then we have to sit and wait for the big delivery!
Today is the day!
Of course....while raining and being sent to the wrong address!
Huh, Can you believe??
Sooooo....we are playing chase the UPS guy!!

So luck!
Please call if youre in the area and you see him!!
For real!!
Flag him the cold & rain....hold him hostage!!
I'll come meet you!!

Ok so......there I go again with the ok so stuff!!
As I sit here waiting...clicking refresh over and over and over to see if anything changes on the tracking #....
Im making the kids Valentines Day cards for school!

They are looking so cute and are so fitting for my kids!!
Check Em Out....

Since Im so new to the blogging thing I havent figured out how to insert a printable.
But if you would like the FREE PRINTABLE comment, follow & message me!!
I'll send it on over!!

Aside from all of that....

I am also preparing for a Willow House meeting this evening!
Have I told you guys how AWESOME Willow House truly is??

I have been a consultant since August of 2010!
Not very long at all....
and I have met so many awesome people....have formed a team of my own....decorated my home for FREE...and made a considerable amount of extra money!! You should try it!

At least host a February party....Its Double Host and WH is offering an awesome special to customers. Spend $40 and receive an item of $50 or less half price. WOW....cant beat that!!
On top of that there are 3 additional host specials that are to die for!
For more info email me @

If you would like to place an outside order....I'd love to help! Email me!!

Thats it for today....I hear several of you are having a hard time commenting. Comment as an annonymous user...that should work! If not, let me know....I'll work on it! Dont forget to click follow on the right!
Talk to you soon!



  1. yum Chicken and Dumplings sounds perfect for a day/night like this!!
    and WHOA to the UPS situation....out of contol.....BUT im sure it will be so worth the wait!! YAY!!Cant wait to see:)

    Love the Valentines, Willow House, your blog and YOU Q!!

  2. Yay!!! Jordi was the big bad wolf! Banged the door down and saved the costume like a superhero, as Rylan would put it ;) Step away from the package and no one gets hurt! I love it!!! It looks freaking awesome!!!