Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cold, Cold, Cold.....w/ stuff to do!!

Stuck indoors for another day!
I guess its not so bad!
I do have the most adorable 3 babies to hang with!
Thing1 is wanting to craft, Thing2 is wanting to play sports indoors & Thing3 is on my ankles wanting to do anything and everything I do!
I did, however, ask them for a moment of quiet so I could sit down and BLOG!
Just have something quick to share!
So I read and read and read blogs! I love to see how these domestic geniuses decorate and re-decorate their homes and are so very "THRIFTY" about it! I added the quotations and caps to that word on purpose! The term thrifty is great.....a great way to describe the smart, practical, budget friendly woman! I had to explain this to my 10year old as I pulled in to Goodwill last week and her eyes bulged from her head!
"MOTHER...what are we doing here!!!"
After we went in and I came home to show her all of the awesome Goodwill projects Ive seen....she was alot more appreciative of the term "THRIFTY"!
So that brings me to todays post!
I have been on a mission to make a DIY Memo-Board for my office redo.
There are so many of them out there to be inspired by.

I know exactly what I want.....just needed to gather all of the materials.
And....Ummm....YES....I wanted to do it the "THRIFTY" way :)
So I will need:
1~An Old Frame (large)
2~Spray Paint check
3~Foam check
4~A Jazzy Fabric check

Looks like I'm only missing one thing!

So as Im driving to pick the kids up from school, Im passing all of the garbage cans out by the curb to be picked up. Apparently the garbage man is running behind bc theyre never out for me to see!! So all of the sudden I notice item #1 peaking out of a garbage I keep driving!! I wanted to check it out but I couldnt see myself digging in the trash....I know thats what I keep seeing though.....I know it was perfect for my project.....I know I SURELY dont want all of my new neighbors seeing me in the trash.....but it was perfect so I tell myself if its still there when I head back, its meant to be!

Now I'm in line and I keep thinking....
WOW.....I could have what I need to do my project! Why would I want to BUY a frame to spray paint and take apart? Why NOT just pick it up? Im trying to be "THRIFTY", right?
So I get the kids....still thinking about the frame!
Turn into the neighborhood....still thinking about the frame!
BAM.....its still there!
I pass :(
Bust a quick turn-around in the next driveway!
Jump out and

Now....You have to stay tuned for the finished product!!
I did can you!!
Dont be Sceeerrrrdddd!!!



  1. why were u scared q...dumpster diving... is what we do!!!!
    good for you..u make me PROUD with the going THRITFY!!
    LOVE IT!
    Cant wait to see your reveal....

  2. Your awesome Megan! I'm loving your blogs... if I have a bad day at work I know you are blogging about something that makes me smile :)


  3. Sweet!! Can't wait to see the finished project. Oh did I mention I am proud of you :)
    Love Tara McK

  4. I am cracking up. Way to go! I am very impressed. :-)