Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What a start to a sunny week!!

Well....Ive had a crazy week and its only Tuesday!!

Monday....I played cat & mouse all day!
To the alterations shop and the lady was out....
To the dance store and they were out of the tights I needed....
To the city, to the country, to the studio, to the casa!!

WHAT?!? I was exhausted!!
It was Monday peeps....so go figure....
when I got home.....

I was O_U_T...OUT!!

I TRIED to watch The Bachelor.....
Yes, that was really my response!!

I guess Mr.Jaxon decided to stop my recording and record his own deal!!
I was so super bummed!
But too exhausted to worry with it.
Thank the good Lord for internet, I knew I could watch it today!!

Then there was Tuesday....

I awoke to a horrific scream from my little Bugg. He normally wakes up with a cheerfull, "Momma"!
I knew something wasnt right.
So Hurry......Get Dressed.....Grab a Cereal Bar, Brush your teeth, Hurry, Faster, Lets go...
was the conversation for this smithpartyofive this morning!
I was taking my sweetie to the dr as soon as I dropped the Big Sis & Big Bro off!

Thanks to the new Highway 90 .... Oh and STARBUCKS!

I was there in a Jiffy!!

In & Out....
Buggs ear drum busted :(

With Ear Drops & Antibiotics we headed to get

He more than deserved it....Poor wittle baby boy :(

Aside from my weird encounter with a homeless man on my way home....it really was a peaceful drive.
If you & I chit chat regularly....youve heard the story & Ive text you the picture....
If not, the homeless story is a little too graphic to share!!
Like WHOA ?!?!?

Here is the highlight of my day....

I FINALLY got to watch The Bachelor...


And they did it again.....

They are super good at this trickin us hoop la. I wouldve swore he was a little uneasy with Emily when he left her house and that her daughter wasnt havin it!
Thats a NEGATIVE!!
What, What!!

He sent Chantel home!
I liked her...she was ahhhh-ight!! Her job was a little creepy!!
She is NO Emily!!

I sooooo cannot wait for this coming Monday!!

So here is to an end to a stressful start to my week!!
Nooooo cooking....

The kids ate it with friends this weekend and loved it.....
So I knew they would eat it....
I mean I guess it is cooking....kinda....sorta.....

Now off to give meds out and get these little rascals to bed!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

SUNday......full of SUN!! Yay :)

I <3 Sundays!
Time for family!!
Spending the day cooking, housework, catching up & preparing for the week ahead!!

You've all got to try this YUMMY recipe!

I did...the kids loved it...it was easy...& in this house that means its a HIT!!

Simple Sour Cream Enchiladas
4 chicken breasts, fully cooked & shredded
2 dozen white corn tortillas
1 16 oz. can green enchilada sauce
2 ounces additional green chiles
14 oz. sour cream
4 cups shredded cheese (Jack or Mexican blend)
*using nonfat sour cream and lowfat cheese will decrease the calories!

Mix all ingredients together, reserving 1.5 cup cheese, 2 ounces green chile sauce, and 3 ounces sour cream for topping.  Heat corn tortillas 4 or 5 at a time in microwave on high for 30 seconds, then spoon 3 tablespoons of the mixture into the heated tortillas.  (Heating them helps avoid cracking when you roll them up!) 

Spray a large Pyrex or glass dish with cooking spray (you may need an extra dish), then align enchiladas in a row inside.  Blend remaining sour cream and green chile sauce together and spoon over enchiladas.  Top with remaining shredded cheese.

Cover with aluminum foil and bake in oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. 
  Makes 20-24 enchiladas.
Garnish with fresh cilantro (which I didn’t have) and if you like spice, extra green sauce.
Easy peasy, and oh so yummy.

Let me know what ya think!!

As for our Sunday.....it was a re-energize day!

We had a super busy Saturday so it was much needed.

Lexee went to dance and worked her tail off preparing for Competition #1 this coming weekend!

Her and Amy were rockin and rollin! I cant wait to share all the details this next weekend!

You are gonna love it!!

Real quick before I go....

Who is going to Rodeo Houston?

It is my all time favorite time of year!

My honey surprised me for Valentines Day and brought home these bad boys....

I sooooo cannot wait to kick it this year wearin' em!!

They'd be perfect paired with any of La Dolce Vida's awesome rodeo selections....

I think I'll wear em with this......

How was your Sunday Funday?

I'd love to hear all about it!!


Dont forget to watch the Bachelor tomorrow!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ok....Here I am!! Deep breathe.....Im stopping for long enough to BLOG!!!

Its Tuesday and OF COURSE I have to recap on....


Last night was awesome!!
First...please tell me why they insist on posting scenes from the next bachelor and they always make you think he is going to kick off the total opposite person than he does!!

I could have sworn from last weeks scenes he was going to let my fave, Emily, go home. The whole "Can I meet your daughter" clip.....When she said "I dont know".....I thought he was outtie!
In which I would have been very disappointed in him for!!
She is so wholesome and true! What lady would ever let a man meet her daughter without some sort of commitment or trust? I think she is totally right....without a doubt....to say she is unsure. I mean that is a huge step for anyone especially for someone who has experienced what she has.
Sweet Em.....(did you notice he kept calling her Em?)

And.....Praise the Lord...
She is insane....I hated the Sports Illustrated date. I thought it was a little sleezy that Chantel and Ashley took their tops off but I thought it was even more sleezy that Michelle basically humped him for lack of a better word just to stir up trouble and get attention. Dont get me wrong...Brad should have stopped that nastiness himself but Heaven Help Her....she is COOCOO!! To say the least!!
And that there is why she is......
Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah, Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah....Goodbye!!

So I have been a busy little bee these past few days....the kids activities have me wondering if I am coming or going...but truth be known I wouldnt have it any other way!

I am starting to get anxious about getting things done that need to be done around here because I never have time :(
One thing I want to do is a project out of an old door.
I think I want it in my game room...or living...or geez I dont know, somewhere! I just like it!
Check out these ideas!

A mirror....

A Table.... 

A bench......

A Chalkboard.....

A wall shelf.....

A headboard.......

Wow.....What would you do with an old door?
I want like 20 of them around my house! So...if you have any you are getting rid of, call me!! I'll take em off your hands!!

Ok...for now we are off to Dance, Baseball & Nana's house....Yep, I have a kid at each of those places tonight!! But I have so much to fill all of you in on.....hopefully I can sit down and catch up tomorrow!!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

To do....

Mini blog for the record!
A. Because I felt like I'd neglected you guys!
B. Because somehow I've become attached to the quirky blog & it has easily became part of my "to do"!

Today we are....

~ shootin hoops @ upward
~ playin some baseball at CSA for the Sooners 1st practice
~ doin a lil shopping & exchanging (always super fun!)
~ finishing up valentine's cards
~ preparing for the "big day" tomorrow

Can't wait to explain all of the above! Check back tonight!

For now- enjoy this beautiful Saturday!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

HELP.....its the never-ending Texas Winter!!!

Another cold, wet day:(
Day 963 thousand! Thats what it feels like anyway!!
I dont even feel like getting dressed....fixing my hair....or getting out of the house for that matter!!
Cold straight up stinks!!
My winter wardrobe has become drab and dingy!
My skin is all flaky & stuff!!
My nostrels are raw from a constant runny nose!
Oh yeah....I love cold....who wouldnt!!


Im making Chicken and Dumplings
The Perfect Winter Food

Kinda making my recipe up as I go along!!
Uh Oh...Kinda Scary I know!!

I boiled chicken breats...LAZY! Its better to use a whole fryer but who has time for that business!!
I added celery and onion, salt and pepper & a little butter!
I took the chicken out when it was fully cooked and set it aside to cool.
Now I added a can of Cream of Chicken Soup and a box of Chicken Broth!
I used a whole can of biscuits, cutting them into 4s and adding them to the mix!!
When biscuits were floating and cooked ...
I added the cooked, shredded ( you shredded it didnt you?)chicken!
Let it boil a little while longer then turn it down to simmer!
Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am....Youve got Chicken & Dumplings!
I like it.....super easy and its kinda, sorta 2011 homeade!!
Try it and let me know what you think!!
By the way....you like my recipe wrinting skills!! Ha!!

Moving On......

Today I am starting the nail biting....nervous tummy days!
We have a very important package to arrive today!
Lexee's 2011 custom costume from North Carolina!
Every year, we (Amy, Lexee & I), design it and make it perfect!
Then we have to sit and wait for the big delivery!
Today is the day!
Of course....while raining and being sent to the wrong address!
Huh, Can you believe??
Sooooo....we are playing chase the UPS guy!!

So far.....no luck!
Please call if youre in the area and you see him!!
For real!!
Flag him down....in the cold & rain....hold him hostage!!
I'll come meet you!!

Ok so......there I go again with the ok so stuff!!
As I sit here waiting...clicking refresh over and over and over to see if anything changes on the tracking #....
Im making the kids Valentines Day cards for school!

They are looking so cute and are so fitting for my kids!!
Check Em Out....

Since Im so new to the blogging thing I havent figured out how to insert a printable.
But if you would like the FREE PRINTABLE comment, follow & message me!!
I'll send it on over!!

Aside from all of that....

I am also preparing for a Willow House meeting this evening!
Have I told you guys how AWESOME Willow House truly is??

I have been a consultant since August of 2010!
Not very long at all....
and I have met so many awesome people....have formed a team of my own....decorated my home for FREE...and made a considerable amount of extra money!! You should try it!

At least host a February party....Its Double Host and WH is offering an awesome special to customers. Spend $40 and receive an item of $50 or less half price. WOW....cant beat that!!
On top of that there are 3 additional host specials that are to die for!
For more info email me @

If you would like to place an outside order....I'd love to help! Email me!!

Thats it for today....I hear several of you are having a hard time commenting. Comment as an annonymous user...that should work! If not, let me know....I'll work on it! Dont forget to click follow on the right!
Talk to you soon!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thank heavens for COFFEE.....

Here I sit with my little Jett Bugg & a steaming cup of coffee!
I need it this morning~thats for sure!

I stayed up super late last night....
You guessed it!

THE BACHELOR courtesy of my DVR

I am sorry guys...Im getting a little aggrevated with Brad! He really had to contemplate that decision last night. That last rose was a tough one. He was an emotional wreck!
~BUT~ with good reason!
The angel on his right shoulder was saying get rid of the PHSYCO aka Michelle!
The devil on the left was saying oh she's fun & sexy and I'll give it one more go!
Something like this I suppose!!

And what do you know....He keeps her :(
Blah, blah, blah....how typical of him!
 Look at her.....COME ON BRAD!!

There are so many wholesome women there who are looking for their soul mates!
Women with morals and class!
Ok, Ok I know I take it serious but HELLO!
 Look at Chantel & Emily!

The best of both worlds.....blonde and brunette!!
Get Em Brad!!

On another note.....

As you know, Ive been giving little Valentines Tidbits here lately!
I have stumbled accross this totally awesome, amazing, super fun, exciting to read book on another blog!
Because of all of the A+ reviews I ran out and bought one!
It is a MUST HAVE for you and your significant other!
Trust Me....youve gotta have it!

This is the perfect gift for you and your sweetie to share and read together!!
<3 Love is in the air <3

Ok Sew.....
(ha...I just realized how often I say Ok so...)
But notice.....today I said SEW!!

If you are one of my gal pals you probably already know...
I bought a sewing machine about a year ago and it has sat, sat, sat collecting dust.
Everytime I have pulled it out....Ive attempted to sew a simple straight seam....
WHOA.....and it goes something like this ~ askldhfk.jasfklajdsfh;lakfh!!!
Did you get that?? LOL
I kept beating myself up about it and questioning my crafting ability.
I know I am blonde but for Gods Sake people its BLEACH and it cannot be this dang hard!
Sew (clever huh?).....this week I was DONE. I was trying to sew a pillow for my bed and what do you know....same thing....dlkfhadsk;lfhask;lfhfrhkadsjfh!!!
I decided to take the BRAND NEW, NEVER EVEN USED, sewing machine up to the local sewing store for some advice!! I was prepared to hang my tail and walk in as a goof ball who was putting the material in wrong or threading it wrong or just being plain DUMB!
But what do you know!
The lady at the sewing shop...who seems to have quite a bit of experience...we are talking 50+ years here!
"ATTEMPTS" to sew a simple straight seam and to my surprise....
What?!? I am NOT a crazy, blonde bimbo trying to take up sewing!! SHUT UP ?!?
This machine is WHACK!!
She was shocked.....she proceeds to take the machine apart and reveals to me that my
BRAND NEW, NEVER EVEN USED sewing machine is missing a very important part!!!
I KNEW IT! Luckily she had the part I needed right there and was able to install it and ....
I, Maygan Smith, for the very first time was able to sew a SIMPLE STRAIGHT SEAM!!!

Hold your applause people.....
Its not as easy as it sounds. I am able to plug it in, thread it & I know where the material goes and better yet I am able to avoid the sadkfhads;fkjnadsiupfnh!!!
But the straight line part is a different story!! I guess it will take practice and Im not giving up!!
I did make a pillow out of some scraps and I must say my tummy aches from laughing so hard!
It is a work in progress!!

I guess its a mini pillow for a doll or something!! I dont know people, but I tried so no laughing!!
Im workin on it! I think I may need to use more material and better stuffing.....but that was my thrifty way of doing a trial and error!! I used stuff I had laying around!!
This is for you Michelle! I know you will get a kick out of it!!
I'll figure it out sooner or later.....hopefully sooner!!

Have a great Tuesday and take some time to enjoy the view!!
Just teasin....had to say it though!!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

SuPeR BoWl......who?

Ok so......I am NOT a football fan.....At All!!
My knowledge of football stops on the side-lines...
And TRUST ME when I say.....Many of times I was yelling offense on a deffensive play!!
What??? Yes, Im BLONDE! And Yes, Im a little dingy! A little!
But I am just completely un-interested in the game!
So I am here blogging and eating way too many chips and dip!

I couldnt wait any longer to reveal the Memo Board/Dumpster Dive Prize!

Get this...for all of $8 I made a super cute board to hang pics, invites, reminders etc
And the best part is its personally mine! One of a kind!
I love stuff like that and I know most of you do too!!
You can do this and I cant wait to see what you guys come up with!
So if you take on the challenge be sure to post a pic....We'd love to see!!

Here is the before...
(once again a crummy iphone pic!)

Straight out of the GARBAGE....(in my cute french voice!)

I added black spray paint to the frame.
Covered a piece of foam with my fabric of choice and a staple gun.
Snapped that BAD BOY into the frame.
All with the Hubs help, of course,


Let me know what you think?

I'd love to hear!!

I have started a few other projects over the weekend....and hope to finish them this week!
I'll keep you posted!!

As for my weekend.....We were SWAMPED!

Jax had a basketball game early Saturday morning and they played an awesome game....3 on 3.
I'm telling you the ICE scares us TEXANS and keeps us from doing a whole lot!
We missed the boys that were out and hope to have a full team this week!!

He also had baseball try-outs and played like my little pro!! I was so proud!! He is just 5 and was trying out with older kids and with a whole new game....Coach Pitch!!
He got out there and did his very best!!
His Coach called this evening and seems super nice.....I cant wait to get started!
Go Jax.....Go Sooners!!

Lex was at dance all day yesterday.....And boy am I pumped about that!!
They are looking AWESOME!!
Competition is right around the corner and I cannot wait!
Let the nail biting, butterflies & sleepless rhinestoning nights begin!!

One more quick thing and I'll let you get back to your Super Bowl Fun!!

So the Hubs and I were headed to the store and I was dying of thirst!
So I send him into Valero to get me my daily fix!!

But this is what he comes out with.....

At first I was ticked....it wasnt what I asked for!!
But the more I drank....the more I LOVED!!
This is adorable!
A Hot Pink Mini Drink with a straw attached!! (What?)
Shut Up!
It is the cutest little thing....tastes good....and I really do feel like a ROCK STAR!!
HaHa....teasin a little~!!

Have a wonderful Sunday evening....Be safe and Enjoy the game!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Follow Me Friday :)

Its Follow Me Friday!

First, Follow the blog ----------------->
Click the Follow button on the right hand side!!

Next, Follow me on a journey for Fun Friday Finds!


Check out the Groop Dealz deal of the day....

How cute is this! Hot Chocolate on a stick! This is an adorable V-day gift for kids at school!!
YUM.....just stir the stick into a cup of steamed milk and VOILA....Hot Cocoa!!
I think we all could make our own.....
Popsicle sticks, baking chocolate & cute little labels.....
You've got an awesome treat :)


Check out this Funky V-day Craft!
Your kids could be home on this Freezing Friday....
Mod Podging their Own Vday Hand-outs!

All you need is an old slap bracelet and construction paper!
Everyone has elmers glue, dont they?
Water it down and let your kids deco podge their slap bracelets with construction paper.
Have them personalize them with cute little sayings, stickers, etc!
Will you be my Valentine?
You're a Valentines RockStar!!
The possibilities are endless!!


I'd say this is a must have Funky Vday Accessory!

For boys and girls!!
And Patent Leather.....when did that happen??
I Love It and Gotta have it for my little people!
So cute with all of their V-Day ensembles!
This will add the perfect FLAVA!!


Now for some things for Momma!
Check out this adorable Vday Shirt over at LaDolceVida

Pair it with some Jazzy Jeans by MissMe

Have The Hubs take you to dinner somewhere FUN like ~


Or perhaps on a much needed Road Trip to Gruene, Tx
(Hint, Hint....if youre reading!!)

Now you are all set for a super fun Vday Celebration, Right??
If only it were that easy! Make it happen!! Start planning for a sitter now....get all of your ducks in a row and take that day for you and your sweetie!! Yall need it!! We all do!!

As for now....stay warm, stay safe, stay indoors!!

We'll talk soon!

M :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cold, Cold, Cold.....w/ stuff to do!!

Stuck indoors for another day!
I guess its not so bad!
I do have the most adorable 3 babies to hang with!
Thing1 is wanting to craft, Thing2 is wanting to play sports indoors & Thing3 is on my ankles wanting to do anything and everything I do!
I did, however, ask them for a moment of quiet so I could sit down and BLOG!
Just have something quick to share!
So I read and read and read blogs! I love to see how these domestic geniuses decorate and re-decorate their homes and are so very "THRIFTY" about it! I added the quotations and caps to that word on purpose! The term thrifty is great.....a great way to describe the smart, practical, budget friendly woman! I had to explain this to my 10year old as I pulled in to Goodwill last week and her eyes bulged from her head!
"MOTHER...what are we doing here!!!"
After we went in and I came home to show her all of the awesome Goodwill projects Ive seen....she was alot more appreciative of the term "THRIFTY"!
So that brings me to todays post!
I have been on a mission to make a DIY Memo-Board for my office redo.
There are so many of them out there to be inspired by.

I know exactly what I want.....just needed to gather all of the materials.
And....Ummm....YES....I wanted to do it the "THRIFTY" way :)
So I will need:
1~An Old Frame (large)
2~Spray Paint check
3~Foam check
4~A Jazzy Fabric check

Looks like I'm only missing one thing!

So as Im driving to pick the kids up from school, Im passing all of the garbage cans out by the curb to be picked up. Apparently the garbage man is running behind bc theyre never out for me to see!! So all of the sudden I notice item #1 peaking out of a garbage can.....so I keep driving!! I wanted to check it out but I couldnt see myself digging in the trash....I know thats what I keep seeing though.....I know it was perfect for my project.....I know I SURELY dont want all of my new neighbors seeing me in the trash.....but it was perfect so I tell myself if its still there when I head back, its meant to be!

Now I'm in line and I keep thinking....
WOW.....I could have what I need to do my project! Why would I want to BUY a frame to spray paint and take apart? Why NOT just pick it up? Im trying to be "THRIFTY", right?
So I get the kids....still thinking about the frame!
Turn into the neighborhood....still thinking about the frame!
BAM.....its still there!
I pass :(
Bust a quick turn-around in the next driveway!
Jump out and

Now....You have to stay tuned for the finished product!!
I did it....so can you!!
Dont be Sceeerrrrdddd!!!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snuggle Up.....

I must say.....I'm over the hype on the news channels about the weather but this is insane!! Us Texas Gals cant hang in weather like this!! I have talked to all of my gal pals and we all have the same thought in mind....SNUGGLE UP.....LAP-TOP.....REMOTE.....STARBUCKS!!!
Starbucks......Oh How I Love Thee <3

I hear it is going to be rolling black-outs all day. This means at some point NO POWER :(
I feel very selfish knowing Im dreading 45 min without power (while on my lap-top & drinking starbucks) when there are so many homeless people that are having to endure this unpredictable weather. Poor innocent children who are suffering in this cold. Lets pray for those families to find warmth and shelter.
If you have any blankets, jackets, gloves, hats, space heaters....anything needed to survive in these conditions that you dont need....give them to people who do or make a donation.

Donate via the web, iphone, mail etc.

Isnt it great how kids decide to make the most of these dreadful cold days......
despite the chapped lips, dry skin, runny nose and cough.....
all my kids can talk about it SNOW!!
It is so FUN for them!
My kids have seen snow 3 times in Houston! (Yep....Houston is BI-POLAR!)
The best part is theyve gotten to share it with the people they love the most!
Here is last year.....SNOW & TRAMPOLINE!!!

It was melting by this time.......but they were still eating it up!!

So I guess....for my kids sake....I'll hope for snow!
I'll be praying all the while for those families with no shelter from the cold.


Short post today......but before I go......I have one more thing to share!

As most of you know.....I HEART Upward Basketball.
It is an AWESOME Ministry for children to come together and play basketball while learning the Gospel.
Every week we hold practice to strengthen our game! Keep in mind...Upward is not a competitive league, not a place for star athletes, more for fun and basic skills...hence I am a Coach....go figure!!
It is sooo sooo fun though!
The kids have a blast and sharing Our Lord Jesus Christ with them is amazing!!
This week one of my players made his first basket!! It was an AWESOME moment to watch everyone jump to their feet and cheer!! He was so proud and so were we!
Somehow....someone caught a picture in the middle of all of the excitement of him running over to
~HIGH FIVE~ Coach Chad & Myself!!
This picture is truly PRICELESS!!
(Look.....8-).....His feet are off the ground)
<3 LOVE <3
Go Sawyer!! Awesome Job!!

Here is a pic of my Sweet Jax heading to the hoop with Bear by his side!!

Great Job Jr. Bears!! I am so proud of all of you!!

Ok.....I'm OUTTIE....headed to finish up my chores and stay warm!!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I think Houston is BI-POLAR!

Ok so here I am! It's Tuesday....my first blog since Friday!
I was soaking up the weekend FUN and it was....
Projects, Games, Dance, Friends, Health, REST.....LIG :)
(notice REST in all caps, did ya? Ha! REST is something that really makes me wanna say LIG....smithpartyofive NEVER gets REST !)
Now I can breathe.....Im rested!!
This weekend I set out to complete at least one of my several projects that this
BI-POLAR Houston Weather
will NOT allow me to finish!
1) Armoire
2) Crib Redo
3) Canvas
4) Sewing
5) Office Chair .... completed!!
Yes, Yes....I know only one is marked complete! But Hey....one is better than none! I was hoping to get on a roll with it and finish all of the above so that I can get to the ones I have dreamed up since these were started but Oh No....Not in Houston.....weather is WHACK and painting is impossible in this weather!
But I'm HAPPY :) to have finished something!
There is a little story behind the office chair that is marked complete!
First....I have been very picky when looking for something to go in the office.
There were several requirements....
I wanted something w/ COLOR, something w/ NO WHEELS, something that WAS NOT an office chair!!
The kids and I were cruising through town Friday afternoon and as we passed the Antique Shops I notice this adorable little wooden chair sitting outside! In my fully loaded car packed down with groceries, 3 kids, strollers, car seats etc. I whip in and run in to inquire! For the perfect price I buy it!! Lexee and I cram, literally stuff the chair in the back!! The best part is I already had everything I needed to make the chair just what I wanted. With a little bit of Valspar Red Spray Paint and Valspar Antiqueing Glaze applied with an old towel I turn this chair into just what I had imagined!
Im gonna show you before and after but please, please excuse the rediculous iphone pics as my camera is MIA....please forgive! Its BAD!!
Despite the awful picture.....You get the drift!!
So I jazzed it up and VOILA!

Ok...so like I said...the picture is terrible ~but~ I HEART the chair! There is so much to be done in my study still but for now at least I can sit!! I am making curtains and pillows for the chair & bench! Stay tuned and I will share! Hope you like my redo and are inspired to vamp up some of your old wood!!

I dont know if my opinion even matters but I still wanna share!! Lets end this whole deal and let Brad and Emily get married. I love her!

He is just so Hunky and Romantic!

She is so Adorable and Genuine!


I know...it would totally take the fun out of watching all of the catty women and all of their DRAMA but I must say I would love to see at least one of THE BACHELORS fall in love &  get married!!

Look at Trista and Ryan....Awwww :)

Last night was such an awesome show! From all of the emotions going on with Emily and Brad being so understanding and romantic to that TOTALLY AWESOME DATE he had with the 2 Ashleys!

That had to be soooo much fun!! Not to mention the SHOPPING SPREE for Chantell!! WOW is all I can say about that!! That was truly Pretty Woman style romance!!
Leave your comments and tell me who you like!! Lets have our own little poll!!

Just a few more things to share!

How about some super cold night, easy, one pan, recipes????

First...this one makes me laugh but it works...the kids love it...and its easy clean-up! It just kinda reminds me of something the family on Roseanne would eat!!

Sloppy Joes!!

Yep....we do it over here with the smithpartyofive! Brown some Turkey Meat, add your sloppy joe seasoning, pile it on a whole wheat bun and there you have it! A one pan, easy to clean, paper plate, winter night kinda meal! The kids will love it and you can snuggle up on the couch and have a date with your DVR!

One more easy meal....

Chicken Pot Pie

Mix it up tonight, put it in the oven when you get home tomorrow and once again....one pan to clean!
With just a few ingredients you will have homeade Pot Pie! Mix 2 cans Cream of Chicken, 2 cans Veg All, Salt & Pepper and your choice of Chicken....meaning you could boil the breasts and cut'em'up or you could get the Tyson Canned Chicken bc you like EASY!

When its all mixed up lay down your Pie Crust that "Pillsbury" made from scratch!!

Pour in the mixture! Cover with the 2nd Pie Crust and BAM.....POT PIE!!

Now I know.....there are days we will spend an hour or two slaving over the stove for a hot meal....but in icey cold....fire place weather....Im down for easy!! SO....try it!! Its YUMMO!!

Talk to you soon!!