Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snuggle Up.....

I must say.....I'm over the hype on the news channels about the weather but this is insane!! Us Texas Gals cant hang in weather like this!! I have talked to all of my gal pals and we all have the same thought in mind....SNUGGLE UP.....LAP-TOP.....REMOTE.....STARBUCKS!!!
Starbucks......Oh How I Love Thee <3

I hear it is going to be rolling black-outs all day. This means at some point NO POWER :(
I feel very selfish knowing Im dreading 45 min without power (while on my lap-top & drinking starbucks) when there are so many homeless people that are having to endure this unpredictable weather. Poor innocent children who are suffering in this cold. Lets pray for those families to find warmth and shelter.
If you have any blankets, jackets, gloves, hats, space heaters....anything needed to survive in these conditions that you dont need....give them to people who do or make a donation.

Donate via the web, iphone, mail etc.

Isnt it great how kids decide to make the most of these dreadful cold days......
despite the chapped lips, dry skin, runny nose and cough.....
all my kids can talk about it SNOW!!
It is so FUN for them!
My kids have seen snow 3 times in Houston! (Yep....Houston is BI-POLAR!)
The best part is theyve gotten to share it with the people they love the most!
Here is last year.....SNOW & TRAMPOLINE!!!

It was melting by this time.......but they were still eating it up!!

So I guess....for my kids sake....I'll hope for snow!
I'll be praying all the while for those families with no shelter from the cold.


Short post today......but before I go......I have one more thing to share!

As most of you know.....I HEART Upward Basketball.
It is an AWESOME Ministry for children to come together and play basketball while learning the Gospel.
Every week we hold practice to strengthen our game! Keep in mind...Upward is not a competitive league, not a place for star athletes, more for fun and basic skills...hence I am a Coach....go figure!!
It is sooo sooo fun though!
The kids have a blast and sharing Our Lord Jesus Christ with them is amazing!!
This week one of my players made his first basket!! It was an AWESOME moment to watch everyone jump to their feet and cheer!! He was so proud and so were we!
Somehow....someone caught a picture in the middle of all of the excitement of him running over to
~HIGH FIVE~ Coach Chad & Myself!!
This picture is truly PRICELESS!!
(Look.....8-).....His feet are off the ground)
<3 LOVE <3
Go Sawyer!! Awesome Job!!

Here is a pic of my Sweet Jax heading to the hoop with Bear by his side!!

Great Job Jr. Bears!! I am so proud of all of you!!

Ok.....I'm OUTTIE....headed to finish up my chores and stay warm!!



  1. Maygan I LOVE your blogs!! I want to know about the book you talked about the other day that you're reading in bible study.... Where can you get it? By the way that picture above is priceless, such a proud moment!!!

  2. I'll try this again! I have commented on every post, and I have loved them all, but they never show up! :( Love your blog! You are precious!!


  3. Ashley....You can buy the book on Amazon. I got it through the church!! Its AWESOME!! Check it out....I'll be working through it too so if you have questions or wanna work through it with someone, let me know. You could join us for Bible Study on Thursday mornings too!!


  4. Of course I am partial to Upward.....thanks for sharing YOUR experience! Glad it has been as good for you as the kids! Love the pics!