Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ok....Here I am!! Deep breathe.....Im stopping for long enough to BLOG!!!

Its Tuesday and OF COURSE I have to recap on....


Last night was awesome!!
First...please tell me why they insist on posting scenes from the next bachelor and they always make you think he is going to kick off the total opposite person than he does!!

I could have sworn from last weeks scenes he was going to let my fave, Emily, go home. The whole "Can I meet your daughter" clip.....When she said "I dont know".....I thought he was outtie!
In which I would have been very disappointed in him for!!
She is so wholesome and true! What lady would ever let a man meet her daughter without some sort of commitment or trust? I think she is totally right....without a doubt....to say she is unsure. I mean that is a huge step for anyone especially for someone who has experienced what she has.
Sweet Em.....(did you notice he kept calling her Em?)

And.....Praise the Lord...
She is insane....I hated the Sports Illustrated date. I thought it was a little sleezy that Chantel and Ashley took their tops off but I thought it was even more sleezy that Michelle basically humped him for lack of a better word just to stir up trouble and get attention. Dont get me wrong...Brad should have stopped that nastiness himself but Heaven Help Her....she is COOCOO!! To say the least!!
And that there is why she is......
Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah, Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah....Goodbye!!

So I have been a busy little bee these past few days....the kids activities have me wondering if I am coming or going...but truth be known I wouldnt have it any other way!

I am starting to get anxious about getting things done that need to be done around here because I never have time :(
One thing I want to do is a project out of an old door.
I think I want it in my game room...or living...or geez I dont know, somewhere! I just like it!
Check out these ideas!

A mirror....

A Table.... 

A bench......

A Chalkboard.....

A wall shelf.....

A headboard.......

Wow.....What would you do with an old door?
I want like 20 of them around my house! So...if you have any you are getting rid of, call me!! I'll take em off your hands!!

Ok...for now we are off to Dance, Baseball & Nana's house....Yep, I have a kid at each of those places tonight!! But I have so much to fill all of you in on.....hopefully I can sit down and catch up tomorrow!!



  1. I hope they only showed the scenes of the hometown visits that make you wonder. Maybe Emily's daughter and him get along, they want you to think not. I hope she makes it. My son even thinks she is pretty! So glad he got rid of Michelle, why did it take so long?


  2. Its your lucky day , Iman has 3 old doors in the back of with truck now ! I will ask what he planned on doing with them