Sunday, February 6, 2011

SuPeR BoWl......who?

Ok so......I am NOT a football fan.....At All!!
My knowledge of football stops on the side-lines...
And TRUST ME when I say.....Many of times I was yelling offense on a deffensive play!!
What??? Yes, Im BLONDE! And Yes, Im a little dingy! A little!
But I am just completely un-interested in the game!
So I am here blogging and eating way too many chips and dip!

I couldnt wait any longer to reveal the Memo Board/Dumpster Dive Prize!

Get this...for all of $8 I made a super cute board to hang pics, invites, reminders etc
And the best part is its personally mine! One of a kind!
I love stuff like that and I know most of you do too!!
You can do this and I cant wait to see what you guys come up with!
So if you take on the challenge be sure to post a pic....We'd love to see!!

Here is the before...
(once again a crummy iphone pic!)

Straight out of the GARBAGE....(in my cute french voice!)

I added black spray paint to the frame.
Covered a piece of foam with my fabric of choice and a staple gun.
Snapped that BAD BOY into the frame.
All with the Hubs help, of course,


Let me know what you think?

I'd love to hear!!

I have started a few other projects over the weekend....and hope to finish them this week!
I'll keep you posted!!

As for my weekend.....We were SWAMPED!

Jax had a basketball game early Saturday morning and they played an awesome game....3 on 3.
I'm telling you the ICE scares us TEXANS and keeps us from doing a whole lot!
We missed the boys that were out and hope to have a full team this week!!

He also had baseball try-outs and played like my little pro!! I was so proud!! He is just 5 and was trying out with older kids and with a whole new game....Coach Pitch!!
He got out there and did his very best!!
His Coach called this evening and seems super nice.....I cant wait to get started!
Go Jax.....Go Sooners!!

Lex was at dance all day yesterday.....And boy am I pumped about that!!
They are looking AWESOME!!
Competition is right around the corner and I cannot wait!
Let the nail biting, butterflies & sleepless rhinestoning nights begin!!

One more quick thing and I'll let you get back to your Super Bowl Fun!!

So the Hubs and I were headed to the store and I was dying of thirst!
So I send him into Valero to get me my daily fix!!

But this is what he comes out with.....

At first I was wasnt what I asked for!!
But the more I drank....the more I LOVED!!
This is adorable!
A Hot Pink Mini Drink with a straw attached!! (What?)
Shut Up!
It is the cutest little thing....tastes good....and I really do feel like a ROCK STAR!!
HaHa....teasin a little~!!

Have a wonderful Sunday evening....Be safe and Enjoy the game!!


  1. L-O-V-E the memo board :) Looks AWESOME!! I can't wait to see the crib re-do bc I am dying for you to paint Aidan's furniture for me! =D So proud of Jax, he is going to ROCK Crosby Baseball without a doubt, Lex and Aidan are going to JAM at AGT on Sunday & SSCD is going to BRING THE HOUSE DOWN at competition...all bc THAT'S HOW WE ROLL! Ha! Love you! The blog looks wonderful, you are a NA-TU-RAL at the crafts and get to rhinestoning miss thang :)

  2. oh-btw!! Did Chris grab me one of those ROCKSTAR drinks too? :) Looks like we have a new drink to sip over the next months at 4am Sat & Sun mornings!

  3. Love the message board. Dont know where you got your craft talent, must have been from my grandmother. Cannot wait for AGT this weekend. Trying so hard not to be nervous because I know no matter what Lexee and Aidan are great dancers.