Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I think Houston is BI-POLAR!

Ok so here I am! It's Tuesday....my first blog since Friday!
I was soaking up the weekend FUN and it was....
Projects, Games, Dance, Friends, Health, REST.....LIG :)
(notice REST in all caps, did ya? Ha! REST is something that really makes me wanna say LIG....smithpartyofive NEVER gets REST !)
Now I can breathe.....Im rested!!
This weekend I set out to complete at least one of my several projects that this
BI-POLAR Houston Weather
will NOT allow me to finish!
1) Armoire
2) Crib Redo
3) Canvas
4) Sewing
5) Office Chair .... completed!!
Yes, Yes....I know only one is marked complete! But Hey....one is better than none! I was hoping to get on a roll with it and finish all of the above so that I can get to the ones I have dreamed up since these were started but Oh No....Not in Houston.....weather is WHACK and painting is impossible in this weather!
But I'm HAPPY :) to have finished something!
There is a little story behind the office chair that is marked complete!
First....I have been very picky when looking for something to go in the office.
There were several requirements....
I wanted something w/ COLOR, something w/ NO WHEELS, something that WAS NOT an office chair!!
The kids and I were cruising through town Friday afternoon and as we passed the Antique Shops I notice this adorable little wooden chair sitting outside! In my fully loaded car packed down with groceries, 3 kids, strollers, car seats etc. I whip in and run in to inquire! For the perfect price I buy it!! Lexee and I cram, literally stuff the chair in the back!! The best part is I already had everything I needed to make the chair just what I wanted. With a little bit of Valspar Red Spray Paint and Valspar Antiqueing Glaze applied with an old towel I turn this chair into just what I had imagined!
Im gonna show you before and after but please, please excuse the rediculous iphone pics as my camera is MIA....please forgive! Its BAD!!
Despite the awful picture.....You get the drift!!
So I jazzed it up and VOILA!

Ok...so like I said...the picture is terrible ~but~ I HEART the chair! There is so much to be done in my study still but for now at least I can sit!! I am making curtains and pillows for the chair & bench! Stay tuned and I will share! Hope you like my redo and are inspired to vamp up some of your old wood!!

I dont know if my opinion even matters but I still wanna share!! Lets end this whole deal and let Brad and Emily get married. I love her!

He is just so Hunky and Romantic!

She is so Adorable and Genuine!


I know...it would totally take the fun out of watching all of the catty women and all of their DRAMA but I must say I would love to see at least one of THE BACHELORS fall in love &  get married!!

Look at Trista and Ryan....Awwww :)

Last night was such an awesome show! From all of the emotions going on with Emily and Brad being so understanding and romantic to that TOTALLY AWESOME DATE he had with the 2 Ashleys!

That had to be soooo much fun!! Not to mention the SHOPPING SPREE for Chantell!! WOW is all I can say about that!! That was truly Pretty Woman style romance!!
Leave your comments and tell me who you like!! Lets have our own little poll!!

Just a few more things to share!

How about some super cold night, easy, one pan, recipes????

First...this one makes me laugh but it works...the kids love it...and its easy clean-up! It just kinda reminds me of something the family on Roseanne would eat!!

Sloppy Joes!!

Yep....we do it over here with the smithpartyofive! Brown some Turkey Meat, add your sloppy joe seasoning, pile it on a whole wheat bun and there you have it! A one pan, easy to clean, paper plate, winter night kinda meal! The kids will love it and you can snuggle up on the couch and have a date with your DVR!

One more easy meal....

Chicken Pot Pie

Mix it up tonight, put it in the oven when you get home tomorrow and once again....one pan to clean!
With just a few ingredients you will have homeade Pot Pie! Mix 2 cans Cream of Chicken, 2 cans Veg All, Salt & Pepper and your choice of Chicken....meaning you could boil the breasts and cut'em'up or you could get the Tyson Canned Chicken bc you like EASY!

When its all mixed up lay down your Pie Crust that "Pillsbury" made from scratch!!

Pour in the mixture! Cover with the 2nd Pie Crust and BAM.....POT PIE!!

Now I know.....there are days we will spend an hour or two slaving over the stove for a hot meal....but in icey cold....fire place weather....Im down for easy!! SO....try it!! Its YUMMO!!

Talk to you soon!!

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