Friday, January 28, 2011

Help....Im Trapped!!!

Ok....Im supposed to be doing a lil jig bc its Friday

The SICK is STILL here :(

The dr said it is just a virus and has to run its course and that it can last anywhere from 3-10 days! 10 days??? Are you kidding me??? You know me.....I start thinking and worrying and came to realization that if all of my kids catch this BUG we could be trapped in this SICK for 30 days???????????

That is an eternity of SICK!! Please, Please be praying no one else catches this!!
Please, for the love of GOD!

Ok so I didnt blog yesterday.....It was a BUSY, BUSY day.
Bible Study : Check
And.....I must say it was AWESOME. I hardly spoke a word. I sat back and took everything in. Listened as several women told their stories and tried to grasp the hurt they were feeling. I pray, Lord, for you to wrap your arms around them today & everyday. They are beautiful women with the most touching of stories. Lord.....without speaking a word yesterday....without telling you and the other women out loud how I was feeling, you put my life into perspective so blountly and showed me something I had been needing to see for a while. Thank You....and thanks to the women of the study! 
I'm LOVING it!!

Upward Pictures & Practice: Check
Somehow we managed to get through pics and practice!! 2 sick kids and 1 out of town, bummer:(
Hopefully everyone is better by Saturday.....Love to see my Bears play.
(Saturday will be day 5 of sick.....fingers crossed)
Thanks Chad for your help with practice!!!

Bears......dont forget to eat your Wheaties.....we have some hoopin to do!!

Willow House Party: Check

It was an awesome party!! January is a GREAT month to host!!
Hostesses receive SUPER REWARDS!!

Check out my website and book your party today.
February has some awesome surprises!!!

OKAY.....on to today :)

I'm gonna attempt to head to

Sick kid and all.....
I'll bring the Germ-X and Clorox wipes for the buggy, I promise!!

I need to swing by there and buy some stuff for this weekend since it looks as though I'll be couped up in the house!! Im gonna start on the #number# canvas!! I'm super excited about it!! Its gonna be great!! I've got it all mapped out!! I love that its gonna be so personal!!
Here it is again in case you forgot!!

And instead of paying $299 at Pottery Barn Im headed out with this BAD BOY!


Next stop....Bath & Body Works!

I need hand soap!
Today it is 7 for $20

Mmmmmm....Love their soap & their sales!!

BTW....this works great in the Willow House Soap Dispenser!

Check it out!!

Ok....last stop
Tutti Frutti

I think my boy needs a little....TLC!!
Mommy could use some too!!

Just a little runnin around to get ous out of the house!! We need it! Tomorrow we will be in and out and working on projects!! I'll post pics for you to see!!

Have a great weekend from smithpartyofive!!

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  1. I love your blogs girlie! They are great! So colorful and fun :) good job! ~Annie