Monday, January 24, 2011

What the FRENCH........

So it's Monday, it's raining and still cold! I am SO over it!! I have lived in my new home for exactly one month and have yet to complete one DIY project due to the unpredictable Houston weather!!

I am inspired by so many things going on in blog-land and feel like I cant get anything done myself!!

Its a mixture I guess between having a super crazy one year old that gets into everything and the weather in which I refuse to take him out in!! So during the day while the big sis and bro are at school he & I have been couped up indoors!!

I need to go scout out garage sales, resale shops, thrift stores & goodwill!! I need so many things to fill empty are some of my inspirations from other blogs!

Thrifty Decor Chick has this in her living room!! Her Craigslist find and DIY redo looks fab and chic! I want something similar but I think I'll go with  grey or an aged blue color!!

Over at Not Just a Housewife she featured this Goodwill find....Adorable!! I heart burlap and monogramming. This is a quick fix to an old lamp and brings personality to your living room! Im on a mission!!

Pottery Barn is just eyecandy....plain and simple!! But unfortunately it is a little out of budget for this partyofive! I will splurge every now & then but I'd much rather a ~HOMEGOODS~ or ~TARGET~ look-alike!! But I want, want, want this Number Canvas....for not, not, not the $299 PB price!! So project #3 is making this canvas for my partyofive in a thrifty budget!! I want to make it out of numbers that mean something to our fam!! Bdays, Years, Ages etc.
I'll post pics as soon as I permitting!!

Isn't this FAB???? Better After featured this office chair in which I'm in dier need of!! How great would it be to find a $10 Goodwill chair and recover it in am awesome Black & White Damask print!! YES :)

Come on girls.........lets go shopping!! Goodwill.....It Is!!!

Ok....cross your fingers for better weather!! I have projects to start and FINISH!!


  1. Love that PB Number Canvas! My dad has it in his house.. but like you, I'd NEVER drop that much dough for it! What Goodwill do you go to? I've yet to find one that I'm dying over yet, aside from one over in the Memorial area, but that's waay too far of a drive (even for huge hand me down mirror frames for $5!) Hope all of your projects get completed.. And I love the Damask chair.. if I attempt to bring any more Damask into our home, I think J may go crazy.


  3. Maygan, wait til you see the Uppercase coming in FEB. We will have an alphabet expression exactly like the number one, but it's vinyl. I think I will get one for my new classroom!!

  4. that's my trunk/coffee table from Pottery!