Friday, January 21, 2011

The people I call FRENZ......

Boy....Am I a lucky girl!! I have been blessed with a circle of friends that have an abundance of awesomeness!! Somehow I have managed to build relationships with amazing women who have soared to amazing heights reaching their goals!

Lots of my gal pals are entrepreneurs.....

I am proud to BRAG on them and share their arts, talents & passions with you!

#1~ (Without a doubt my #1) My Bestie, My Confidant, My Nearest & Dearest
Meet Amy Fain Aloma

Amy owns and operates Star Systems & Co Dance. Here she shares her passion for dance with children of all ages and walks of life . Her ability is like no other. She has shared a passion for dance with my daughter that is so dear to my heart. The relationship between them is so close and confident it makes my heart smile :) Here is my precious baby girl doing what she does best, Thanks to Mrs. Amy!!

Stop by the studio or check Amy out on the web @

#2~ My Q~

Meet Cristina Murphy

Cristina is the owner and the talented artist behind the lense over at SNAPSHOTZ PHOTOGRAHY!!
She has captured the lives and memories of so many families and shared her vision with confidence!! Her main goal is to provide a quality service at an affordable price......and she far exceeds that goal. Her images are PRICELESS.

Here is a taste of how she has managed to capture the smiles of this smithpartyofive!

Dont miss out on her Valentines Mini....

#3~ Lauren Hobbs - A Local Celebrity in our little town!!

She has brought fashion & style to our dirt road!! With her shabby boutique landing on our Farm to Market Road last year....I have seen the spunk in this small town sprout. She puts the Jazz in JAZZY!!

Check Lauren out on FACEBOOK     ~La Dolce Vida~

#4~ Asha Kenebrew

I just met Asha a few months back and feel super blessed to know her!! She is such a sweet soul and happy spirit!! Her joy is contagious!
 Asha sells Upper Case Living.....if you have never heard of it you've got to check it out!! Its TOO CUTE!! Add a custom touch to your home at a budget friendly price!!
I thought this custom design ROCKED!
 She can make anything your heart desires for your walls and save you the hassle of paint and a paintbrush!!
Check her out!

#5~ WATSON ...... Amanda Watson that is!!

This chic is ROCKIN. I had the pleasure of meeting her through Cristina!! She is awesome and we have become great friends. Amanda has a tanning business.....

Envious TAN

She offers:
$25 full body spray tan - super safe & a quick fix to these pastey white legs winter has bestowed upon us!!
She will also host an in home party for you and your closest friends....
Give her a SHOUT!!

#6 ~ Michelle Holloway

Michelle is Amandas sister!! She is a Pro at this sewing business!!

Look at her adorable creations!!

She will make anything and everything you wish!! The best part is she will clothe your boys in a hip fun way!!
Shoot her an email and start designing your Valentines Attire!!

Lastly.....heres MY newest adventure!!


I have had so much fun with this company!
 From meeting new people to making extra money to decorating my home for FREE.....
Willow House has opened my eyes to a whole new world!!
Check out my an a party.....or ask how to earn extra money!!

There are soo, soo many more!! If I left you off.....I'll make it up to you!! I promise!!
I'm super new at this blogging stuff....I'm addicted to reading them but a rookie at doing them....
so bare with me!! I'm trying!!


  1. This looks great! Thanks for the shout out ;) To my #1...YOU ROCK!