Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The HALF-way Marker....

Its Wednesday, Hump Day, The half-way marker!!Its almost FRIDAY!!
(doing the HAPPY dance now)!!

It has been a challenging week for this smithpartyofive!! SICK BABIES!! Boooo :(

As of now...this is the scent of choice lingering in our halls!!

Anyone who knows me knows I-HATE-SICK!!
So we are praying today ends the sick streak and we can move on! There is alot going on this evening & the rest of this week. There is no time for laying around!!

SOOOO...The whole house is napping and here I sit making lists of what I need to do & blogging!!
Imagine that ;)
Tonight we have Gymnastics & Dance! Tomorrow morning we have Bible Study. Tomorrow afternoon we have Upward Pics & Practice and a Willow House Party. Friday, Saturday & Sunday are also full of Willow House parties (yay me!), Basketball Game, Birthday Parties, Dance, etc!!
This is a piece of cake as long as the SICK is GONE!!
Praying again!!

Ok now that I've gotten that off my chest....we can chit chat!!

I started a new Bible Study last Thursday!! I will admit I just now found the time to sit down and start my reading and homework! oops! But I am LOVING it!! This is an awesome book and its only Chapter 1. I think she is talking to me!! How does she know me so well??
 Ive even read ahead and Oh My.....this entire book is about me! Yikes....can we say SCARY!!
It is called....
This Isn't The Life I Signed Up For....

This is a 10 week journey I am going on with a group of amazing christian women. I am so eager to see how God works in my life through this book!
On the first page she says....

Hey, God, this isn't the life I signed up for! I specifically remember signing up for great parents, a great marriage, and great kids who rise up and call me blessed. I signed up for lifelong friendships, thin thighs, and vibrant health. Instead, I find myself in the middle of the life I DIDN'T sign up for. What's going on here?

No one signs up for the challenges of life, but in the real world, heartache is inevitable.

Hello......I never looked at it like that!! I gotta keep reading!!

I'd like to share with you today one of my very FAVES......
 You have to sign up for Groop Dealz!

Everyday you will receive an email with something one-of-a-kind for an awesome price!

Today they have this adorable burlap pillow...

Did I mention I HEART BURLAP????

I just had to have this....dont miss out....get one for yourself!! The deals only last 24 hours!!

Ok.....short post today.....but you understand, RIGHT? You saw that list of things I have to prepare for!! Be sure if you are reading, you are following!!
So leave me some!!

Until tomorrow.....Peace & Hair Grease!!


  1. You are too cute! I've been following you and love your posts. I have several friends in that bible study. I was asked to join but just can't find the time right now. It sounds like I would love the book!

  2. Glad you are taking time out for yourself and going to the Bible Study. I know you how much it means to you. Did you order that pillow?