Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesdays Top 5 :)

Ok so I must admit that with my super busy schedule....I have hardly had time to breathe let alone craft!!
So....I havent had much to blog about!!
My poor neglected kids have been eating fast food for over a week & mesquito hawks have taken over my home! The laundry has piled up....The DVR is FULL....and my handsome hubby and I have only bumped shoulders in the halls lately!!


This is always a super busy time of year for everyone!! All of the kids activities are in full swing and for partyofives like us....we typically have to be in 2 places at 1 time!!

We make it work and are always glad we do!!

This weekend we competed in Stage One Dance Competition and had a STELLAR weekend!!
All of the dancers did an amazing job and we racked up some awesome awards!!
This makes "BUSY" so much more worth it and keeps us on our toes until the next time!!
I will post pictures soon!

SO this morning I was piddling around and thinking of something to blog about.....
I must say The Bachelor wasnt all that good last night.....
I havent been cooking......
No crafts.......
What to say.....What to say???

SO I decided there are a few things Ive been obsessing over lately.....
So I picked my Top 5 Obsessee's to share!!

Im sort of a prissy pot!!
I love all thing bling and girly!!
When a friend of mine showed me these....
 I fell in l-o-v-e!!

They are Hair Feathers!!
I had them put in and I swear everyone asks about them!
They are an awesome, hip detail to your summer do!!

The best part about it.....
Lauren over at La Dolce Vida is now selling them and you can have them put in right there!!

Be sure to go by and check them out!!

I have blogged about this item before.
Thats how GOOD it is!!
I am in <3 with....
Want to use it all the time....
Get so many compliments....
And now cannot live w/o....

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I am a nail shop junkie.....I have literally had my nails done since my tween years!!
But....Now that I have found this....Its so fun....so easy and so cheap.
Im over it!! (the nail shop that is!)
These nail stickers are so jazzy I do not need my nails to sparkle like diamond in sky!!!

Im wearing the Leopard one now and it looks FAB!!

Here is my tip to you....If you do not have super long nails.....cut the strips in half before applying them.
This will allow you to use each box twice.
SHUT UP.....these bad boys are genius!!

Thanks to a super hip friend of mine...
Shout out to my girl Natalie!!
I have recently found the most AWESOME shampoo & conditioner!!
I have super thin, hard to manage, baby fine, get greasy by days end, just flat out FUNKY hair!

But let me tell you sister girl.....
This Shampoo & Conditioner Combo hooked me up!!

You have got to try it! Its for all hair types and is amazing!!

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi!!

Uh Oh.....It seriously rocked my socks!!

I guess I'm in a hair/makeup kind of mood today....even though I'll be wearing my trusty hat in this weather!!
My next Fave Five
Two Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer

I found this about a year ago at Sephora and I ADORE!!
Over the winter I went for more of a deep color.
But with Spring and Summer before us I had to run out and get me some!!
You can use the bronzer all over or just in your cheek area.....for a pale white girl like me I stick to the cheek and love how it gives a little shimmer!!!
And how cute is it that it is LEOPARD!!
SHUT UP...love it!!

As I mentioned above.....I am PALE!!
But in the SPRING all Im showin is from the knee down....
I need to get my jog on....for real!!
So to keep all of you from being frightened by my ghostly legs....
I use Nivea Sun Kissed Beautiful Legs
And it works!!

Apply evenly and generously and you will see the results immediately!!
I always apply a smell good lotion over it to help even it out and to cover the smell  that I swear smells like the tanning be in a bottle!!

Try my top 5 out and let me know your fave products for spring/summer!!
Leave me a comment with details!!
Talk to you soon!!


  1. Great tips!!! I am a girly girl too and I like the unique stuff! Those hair feathers are awesome!! Keep the tips coming girl! Have a great day :)

  2. I so already have a PINK feather on hold at Laurens! Congrats to you and SSCD- cant wait to see the rest of the FAB pics!! humm, gonna take you up on that Sunkissed Beauty Legs.. I am looking like WHOA WHITE. Hugs and Much <3