Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Risky Post!!

In the past I have tried to stay away from mixing Willow House with my super fun blogging!!
But I am SUPER EXCITED about the new Willow House adventure!!

WH has just announced they are starting a jewelry line!!
Although I am not a BIG jewelry person....
I "love" a few pieces here and there and I am 'in love" with David Yurman pieces!!
I think it is absolutely awesome that "the designer" Sara Blaine is responsible for this amazing jewelry!!
And it is even MORE AMAZING that she is responsible for designing David Yurman pieces.
So how awesome is it that we WH has given you and I the chance
to purchase David Yurman quality pieces at a more affordable price.
Each and every piece will be hand crafted and one of a kind.
It is stunning!!
Take a look.....

 It is fabulous and oh so afforable!!

I'd LOVE to host a party with you and your friends and launch this very new designer jewelry with you!!
Email wont be disappointed!!

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