Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Its Been Awhile!

Its been awhile....{in my best STAIND voice}.......

I have been busy beyond imagine. Life gets crazy and you lose track of time. It seems as though the older you get the faster time elapses! I swear its already almost Christmas and I'm still in SUMMER mode! The intense {heat} and lack of {rain}doesnt help!! Praying for rain daily.....I hope you are too!! My yard is atrocious....although my trusty yard man says it looks good considering! (Thanks PCR LawnStars)

Now that the BIG Smith kids are back in full school mode and Jett is in {and still adjusting} to MDO.....

I feel like I have gone from this....

to this......

I know as my kids get older and go off to college I will really be feeling as though I live in an {empty nest} but right now Im feeling a little empty on Mondays and Wednesdays......BORED if you will.
I know, I know this makes no sense! I will get used to it I suppose but its hard! I find myself lingering around the school asking myself over and over {what to do}

Ive decided Im going to get started back on all of my super fun projects!

Whoop Whoop!!

I have several projects in mind to work on!! Cant wait to post pics!

In the meantime....I'd like to get the blog back into habit!

Since its late and no one is blog reading at the moment.....Im going to prepare for Wednesday!!

LETS DO......
Write-off Wednesday

This is day 3 of MDO and I am feeling more and more comfortable! So Im going to get started on
{to-do}lists and actually Write Off things that are completed!

1~ Coffee Date
2~ Lunch with the BIG Smith kids
3~ Chalkboard Re-do for Jett
4~ Place a Shutterfly order
5~ Work on fall wreath

5 things is alot to accomplish on the 3rd day of MDO.....like I said....my mind still wonders and I worry!
I'll post pics and let you guys know just how good I did!! This is something that will hold me accountable!!
Wish me luck :)

Here is something for you to sit on until we chat again

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today? Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.
~ B. Olatunji

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