Friday, July 8, 2011

Missin My Blog!!

Here I this little place where I wrote to you nearly 2 months ago!!
I must say SUMMER (lovin) had me a blast!!
Me & the kids have been ON-THE-GO.....
With LOTS of beach trips and fun with friends!
While on the road I have discovered some must have, cant live without, summer essentials!!

You know me....always tryin to look cute even in this miserable Texas heat with thin, limp hair!!
Until I discovered these....

These are AMAZE!! They create the cutest side bun that doesnt look too fixed and perfect!!
The best part is....they work with super thin hair!!
I'm SOLD!!

Has anyone noticed the new fad in ......CUPS??
Everywhere you go stores are sellin and people are using the new insulated tumblers!!
They have become a super summer essential!!
You can get them in any color or print....personalized....or even you fave sports team!!

I have found that the ones with lids and straws are awesome for the kiddos!
These "tumblers" can get pretty pricey...but I have found the deal of the summer!!
6 Tumblers with Lids and Straws for $19.99 at Sams!!
You have to have them...they are BIG and FUN and for a price you cannot pass up!!

Another Summer Must-Have that we do not leave home without....
Not just any Trail-Mix.....
We have one.....
Very Favorite....
Shockingly it is the off-brand

It is to die for!! The perfect ON-THE-GO something salty & something sweet all in one snack!!

Last.....But not least....
 You've gotta try this super cheap, super cute...
EOS Summer Fruit Lip Balm
Its just the right feel and just the right texture!!
It comes in a super cute Egg-Shaped tube and the tweens just love it!!

Hope you enjoy!!
Let me know if you have a chance to try them out...I'd love to hear from you!!

Im going to leave you with this super cute make-over from

I would have never thought to mix all of these colors but I am IN<3LOVE

Here is the BEFORE :-/

And look at this totally transformed AFTER

WOW :)

Have an awesome weekend!!!

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